This has been a really really great year. First, I got married. Went on a honeymoon. It was awesome. I’d love to do it again! 🙂

Then I got to go to the Bahamas with Mindy Denning from Mindy Leigh photography and help capture a gorgeous beach wedding and soak up a little sun….not much, but some. One of the best parts was being able to tour the island (Eleuthera Island) on our own. What a beautiful beautiful place. I never got around to blogging it (yet), but did manage to get a few photos in a gallery on facebook.

Just recently I got to go away AGAIN with another friend-tographer, this time with my sweet Amy Carroll (you’ll remember me talking about her – my own amazing wedding photographer!! This time the trip was to Mexico, the Riveria Maya, for Crystal & Patrick’s wedding. It was beautiful – and Amy just blogged it in all it’s loveliness! Check it out here.

Second shooting a wedding with another talented photographer is a treat in itself. It’s a different role, one of supporting, but also one of learning. I love it, and am blessed to be able to fill in our few empty dates with some great opportunities. Second shooting and getting a mini-vacation out of it – PRICELESS.

We all know I love to travel. In fact, I get pretty antsy if I don’t get on a plane occasionally. (Though right now, I’m ready for a little bit of a break from travel.) This last trip was so much fun, because we had a couple of extra days in the trip to explore ancient ruins and even to visit with my Aunt Janet and cousins Sherri & Kim who happened to be in Mexico at the same time!

So before I get back to blogging two more weddings, here are some lovely images from our “down time” to share!


{Lauren & Doug} – Pine Knob Mansion wedding photographer – Clarkston, MI

Lauren and I met over a year ago, way over, at a little coffee shop….not the first one…or the second one…but the one where we finally found each other, and like all good things it was worth the wait. 😉

There were a few bumps in the road in planning this wedding, but I have to say, the final outcome could not have been better – more romantic – more heartfelt – and more full of fun and excitement by so many people!

Dan and I started our day @ Glitz Salon in Clarkston…and in fact, our whole weekend was there – little did I know when I booked these events that I would spend three days in a row in the exact same area shooting weddings & a fun little splash the dress on Sunday! To have so many events in one location was a huge blessing for this travel-weary team!

But this is about Lauren & Doug’s day. It was perfect. Gorgeous, sunny, not too warm, not too cold. Lots of laughter, a few “that’s what she saids,” and of course, a LOT of tender moments and even a good number of tears.

Pine Knob Mansion played host to both the ceremony and reception for this couple. Their relaxed style & classic looks seemed to fit perfectly with this gorgeous venue.

Their sweet ceremony was the perfect representation of the love these two have for each other, and I myself got teary eyed a time or two during the course of the day. I know that happen often enough with me, but I was extra sappy this day.

The tinkling of bells (Doug’s last name is Bell) brought these two together for sweet kisses all evening long, and guests danced away the night on the Mansion’s beautiful porch.

While Doug & Lauren are off in Hawaii enjoying a much needed break, I hope you all take time to tell them exactly how beautiful and special their day was!






















































SuperSanders – Grand Rapids family photographer



A little over a year ago I got to photograph cute Asher as he was just turning one year old. A year later, they’ve moved from A to Z with the addition of their second son (whose name is Zade).

Since Zade was so eager to have his pictures taken with his new family, we moved our session up a few weeks and captured some of that newborn yummy goodness, with a dose of 2 yr old older brother flavor.

Trying to keep Asher from jumping on Zade was fun…..the rest of it was cake, and frankly, exciting for me to watch this family grow!


We’ve got our love to keep us warm

When I first met with Dana, I was instantly excited about her personality – just sweet, all around.  When we got to talking about how she and Jason met, the little wheels in my head started turning, and I started imagining a winter photoshoot with vintage skis, cozy blankets, and a lot of love to keep them warm.

Dana & Jason met as competitive skiers, and their mutual love for the sport is just where their relationship started.  I thought it would be fun to play off that initial connection, that continued interest, and celebrate that through their engagement photos.

You see, engagement photos (in my mind) serve two purposes: for the clients & myself to become more comfortable with each other, and to capture this stage of their journey together.  I also like being able to pull an element, or two, from their story and using it as inspiration for the shoot.  I have photographed couples on raceways, running side-by-side, and in the locations that are important to their history.

I want to thank Dana & Jason for not only braving the cold weather, but for helping out in the little post-shoot adventure (the keys have still not been found!).  Your patience & understanding, and willingness to help is greatly appreciated!

This is just part 1 of their session….or rather, part 2.  Part 1 will come later, but these images were my favorites.  I’m so excited for your August wedding, and if I lose my keys that time, I have spare ones now!).

Thank you again for a fabulous day, and for being a part of making this little vision, that started over a cup of coffee, come to life!


And the winner is……….

Couple: Nikki & John
Wedding date: April 30, 2011
Location: Johannesburg, MI (aka Joburg)
Favorite memories: white socks, manure trucks, special dirt roads, happy bride
Facebook stats:
61 unique comments
1 Giant woah from me.

Overall, lizzie photo fans and my clients, YOU ROCK. Rock beyond rock.

In the span of a week, over 130 new people joined the fan page. About 500 of you shared it, commented, or liked photos (WOW). It was so fun to see all the excitement and energy around this, and I look forward to announcing, in the next few days), who the winner of the family session and Rustic Poppy frame is, so stay tuned!

But for now, join me in congratulating Nikki & John on their upcoming 1st Anniversary photoshoot!


Give it Away Now – a fun little contest!!

As a “thank you” to my fabulous 2011 couples, I’m running a little contest… celebrate them, to celebrate you, and to show off a new frame line I am promoting. There is a lot to it, a few steps to it, but I’ll try to make it simple.

How you can participate:

1) “Like” lizzie photo on facebook.
2) Vote for your favorite couple by liking and/or commenting on their photo: (VOTE HERE)
3) “Share” lizzie photo with others & promote the contest!
4) “Like” The Rustic Poppy.

How it works:

Couple with the most comments/likes on their photos wins!

What do they win?

1) An 18×24 canvas print of the image of their choice.
2) A first anniversary session to celebrate their first year together.

What’s in it for you?:

1) The joy in knowing I had a good day. Just kidding, that’s not all.
2) A winner will be chosen at random from the comments and new “likes” on facebook, and will receive one family/individual session worth $150  and a $50 print credit to use or give as a gift.
3) A RUSTIC POPPY frame size 11×14, to display your new family photo in!


{Josh & Sarah} – Detroit Wedding Photographer

I first met the lovely Josh & Sarah at a coffee shop in Grand Rapids, but we had a somewhat shared connection – Josh’s parents live in my itty bitty home town of Ellsworth, MI, and although Josh & I never met it was fun to share that connection.

Fast forward to their August 27, 2011 wedding in Detroit. So many fun details….

When Josh lived in Detroit, he had a condo right downtown, that had a lovely rooftop patio….this is where they chose to get married, overlooking the city they both love so much (Sarah’s family lives in Detroit). Immediately following the wedding (officiated by Josh’s own father), we ran over to the DIA for some pictures, then up and down Woodward Avenue with the whole wedding party.

While stopped in front of the Fox Theater, in heavy traffic nonetheless, Josh ran out and stopped a guy with a fabulous car so i could get that one shot of the classic car in front of the classic Fox Theater….

Next stop was the final stop – their FABULOUS reception site, Cliff Bells – an old jazz club. Definitely nontraditional, and right up my alley!

All in all, it was a fantastic day in the “D” with a couple very much in love…..and a fun wedding party, and an incredible location. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!


{Bridget & Jesse} – Glen Arbor – Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer

I met Bridge years ago (ok, not years, but a few) when her good friend, and mine, Emily got married. Anyone who knows B knows she’s so easy to love – fabulous personality, big heart, and a smile that lights up a room.

When she got engaged and told me she was going to get married at the top of a ski hill and wanted me to be a part of her day….I picked my jaw off the floor and shouted hooray! I knew it would be a blast.

To make me even more eager to shoot this wedding, at one point she says “I want to go in Lake Michigan in my dress.”

Umm, ok.

I guess.

If you must.

WHAT? Are you for real? (This is what’s playing in my head) I mean seriously, how amazing can this girl get? After my own heart….

Skip to the wedding. Gorgeous fall day. Beautiful sunny day on the lake. Happy bride and adoring groom. Friends and family loving & supporting. Some tender sweet moments filled with tears, and some outright laughter (insert snowboarding reference here). It was a good day.

The next morning, I got to have a late lunch (burgers) with Bridget, Jesse, and Art & Emily. It was the first time I got to spend the morning after with a bride and groom like this, and it was fun to share their day with them in a mini-preview.

Now a few months have passed, and here’s a preview for you.
To view it from start to finish, visit their full gallery here:


Bling bling – with this ring – Michigan Wedding Photographer

Detail shots are an important part of every wedding, and the rings are no exception. Mainly because they are so sparkly and pretty. I’m a girl, I’m sorry, they are sparkly and pretty.

One of the things I tend to say to people is “if you want the picture of your hands with rings over the bouquet, I’m not your photographer.” I think you can create a beautiful photo that captures the ring, but can also creatively show off another detail of your wedding – flowers, program, SHOES, environment.

Let’s face it, you probably aren’t likely to frame a photo of your ring….but maybe you are. Check out a few of these beauties from the past few years.


Kids from Coast to Coast

Not only have I had some fabulous clients this year, some adorable children (and if you note earlier posts on this blog, some “treasures” I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some children all over the world again!

This year I photographed a former high school friends’ kids, watched babies grow from birth to almost 1 year old, met, fell in love with, and photographed two little spanish boys, Nico & Santiago, in Madrid, Spain, and had a whole string of cuties in Vicenza, Italy.

While most of these adventures were close to home, I must say it was fun to have all new scenery for the ones abroad. Regardless of where I was, it was fun getting to pull out little personalities, and even capturing those subtle serious moments.

To all my clients, thank you for letting me share in all these fun stages of your children’s lives.