We’ve got our love to keep us warm

When I first met with Dana, I was instantly excited about her personality – just sweet, all around.  When we got to talking about how she and Jason met, the little wheels in my head started turning, and I started imagining a winter photoshoot with vintage skis, cozy blankets, and a lot of love to keep them warm.

Dana & Jason met as competitive skiers, and their mutual love for the sport is just where their relationship started.  I thought it would be fun to play off that initial connection, that continued interest, and celebrate that through their engagement photos.

You see, engagement photos (in my mind) serve two purposes: for the clients & myself to become more comfortable with each other, and to capture this stage of their journey together.  I also like being able to pull an element, or two, from their story and using it as inspiration for the shoot.  I have photographed couples on raceways, running side-by-side, and in the locations that are important to their history.

I want to thank Dana & Jason for not only braving the cold weather, but for helping out in the little post-shoot adventure (the keys have still not been found!).  Your patience & understanding, and willingness to help is greatly appreciated!

This is just part 1 of their session….or rather, part 2.  Part 1 will come later, but these images were my favorites.  I’m so excited for your August wedding, and if I lose my keys that time, I have spare ones now!).

Thank you again for a fabulous day, and for being a part of making this little vision, that started over a cup of coffee, come to life!

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