Brittany & Allen – Homestead Resort wedding

It seems like so long ago that I first heard from Brittany about her May 25 wedding at the Homestead Resort – because in that time, we have grown to appreciate them not just as clients, but as friends. With a common love of craft beer, and Brittany’s sweet help with our little Zeus buddy, we found it easy to call them “friends.”

That, honestly, is one of the great parts of what we do – we meet people, tons of people every week, and between our couples and their families, and even sometimes their guests, we continue to expand the number of amazing people in our lives.

One thing I love about Brittany & Allen is their zest for life. Everything is fun. They laugh, they crack jokes, and they act silly with each other. I love it. Their wedding day was no exception!

The day started out by visiting Brittany @ the Salon, and then we sent Dan over to meet up with the guys, and there may or may not have been craft beer involved. I do know there were hop boutonnieres involved, and that was enough for Dan to love this wedding.

Then over to the bustling bridesmaids bungalow, where B&A saw each other for the first time on the rustic beach of Northern Michigan. It was so sweet, the way Allen twirled for Brittany……

Their lovely ceremony took place atop the Homestead’s ski hill, such a beautiful location for a wedding, with gorgeous view for the guests to enjoy.

The whole day was a lovely celebration of friends and I can honestly say that laughter was a core part of this wedding. Even the parents’ friends were a riot – and I do have some photos to prove that! From the “Dim Daddies” dancing to Slim Shady and the random group shots with table decorations on their heads. I’m not even going to get into the photobooth….

All in all, it was one of those days where we walk away with our sides hurting a little from laughing, having been blessed by creating new relationships, and having celebrated the day with two dear friends.

Brittany & Allen, we look forward to many more laughs with you!

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We’ve got our love to keep us warm

When I first met with Dana, I was instantly excited about her personality – just sweet, all around.  When we got to talking about how she and Jason met, the little wheels in my head started turning, and I started imagining a winter photoshoot with vintage skis, cozy blankets, and a lot of love to keep them warm.

Dana & Jason met as competitive skiers, and their mutual love for the sport is just where their relationship started.  I thought it would be fun to play off that initial connection, that continued interest, and celebrate that through their engagement photos.

You see, engagement photos (in my mind) serve two purposes: for the clients & myself to become more comfortable with each other, and to capture this stage of their journey together.  I also like being able to pull an element, or two, from their story and using it as inspiration for the shoot.  I have photographed couples on raceways, running side-by-side, and in the locations that are important to their history.

I want to thank Dana & Jason for not only braving the cold weather, but for helping out in the little post-shoot adventure (the keys have still not been found!).  Your patience & understanding, and willingness to help is greatly appreciated!

This is just part 1 of their session….or rather, part 2.  Part 1 will come later, but these images were my favorites.  I’m so excited for your August wedding, and if I lose my keys that time, I have spare ones now!).

Thank you again for a fabulous day, and for being a part of making this little vision, that started over a cup of coffee, come to life!


{Josh & Sarah} – Detroit Wedding Photographer

I first met the lovely Josh & Sarah at a coffee shop in Grand Rapids, but we had a somewhat shared connection – Josh’s parents live in my itty bitty home town of Ellsworth, MI, and although Josh & I never met it was fun to share that connection.

Fast forward to their August 27, 2011 wedding in Detroit. So many fun details….

When Josh lived in Detroit, he had a condo right downtown, that had a lovely rooftop patio….this is where they chose to get married, overlooking the city they both love so much (Sarah’s family lives in Detroit). Immediately following the wedding (officiated by Josh’s own father), we ran over to the DIA for some pictures, then up and down Woodward Avenue with the whole wedding party.

While stopped in front of the Fox Theater, in heavy traffic nonetheless, Josh ran out and stopped a guy with a fabulous car so i could get that one shot of the classic car in front of the classic Fox Theater….

Next stop was the final stop – their FABULOUS reception site, Cliff Bells – an old jazz club. Definitely nontraditional, and right up my alley!

All in all, it was a fantastic day in the “D” with a couple very much in love…..and a fun wedding party, and an incredible location. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!


Hitched in Michigan – Cath & John

As I’m in the process of updating this website, blog, etc…’s the perfect opportunity to “re-share” this about John and Cath’s super Michigan-friendly wedding.

From pumpkins and apples to Founders beer and Michigan wines, this wedding was all local, and all sorts of fun.

So fun, in fact, that “Hitched in Michigan” picked it up as a feature wedding. You can see their post here:


When in Rome (or DC)

[intro]While I was in DC for Carrie & Bryan’s wedding, I got to see an old friend, Diane for her engagement pics….I’ll be back next May to shoot their wedding, then popping over to Rome (which is what you do – you just “pop” over to Rome) for a few days to photograph their papal blessing & have a quick shoot on the streets of Rome. Sigh, life is rough.[/intro]

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Carrie & Bryan – Rockville MD – Washington DC Wedding Photographer

I’m finally catching up on editing – the numbers are going down without massive numbers of photos coming into the workflow. Which is good, right? Down time is needed….

I left off with Sommar & John’s wedding….

From there it was off to Washington DC for Carrie & Bryan’s hot hot hot wedding. And I mean hot – 114 degrees with the heat index that day. I gotta say, they all did well despite the puddles that formed under anyone standing outside for more than ten seconds.

Despite the heat and a limo driver who didn’t know where he was going (which left the out-of-town photographer in charge of directions) we found an AMAZING location for photos. Glen Echo Park on the MacArthur causeway was a random and PERFECT find for this group.

With a great backdrop it was hard not to find a way to get some amazing shots of this lovely couple and their friends.

Carousel, need I say more?

Yes, I must. I think one of my favorite things of the day was Carrie’s infectious laugh.

All in all, the heat, the travel & worrying about getting a wedding party lost was worth it all to spend the day with you. Thank you, Carrie & Bryan, for a lovely wedding!

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