Brittany & Allen – Homestead Resort wedding

It seems like so long ago that I first heard from Brittany about her May 25 wedding at the Homestead Resort – because in that time, we have grown to appreciate them not just as clients, but as friends. With a common love of craft beer, and Brittany’s sweet help with our little Zeus buddy, we found it easy to call them “friends.”

That, honestly, is one of the great parts of what we do – we meet people, tons of people every week, and between our couples and their families, and even sometimes their guests, we continue to expand the number of amazing people in our lives.

One thing I love about Brittany & Allen is their zest for life. Everything is fun. They laugh, they crack jokes, and they act silly with each other. I love it. Their wedding day was no exception!

The day started out by visiting Brittany @ the Salon, and then we sent Dan over to meet up with the guys, and there may or may not have been craft beer involved. I do know there were hop boutonnieres involved, and that was enough for Dan to love this wedding.

Then over to the bustling bridesmaids bungalow, where B&A saw each other for the first time on the rustic beach of Northern Michigan. It was so sweet, the way Allen twirled for Brittany……

Their lovely ceremony took place atop the Homestead’s ski hill, such a beautiful location for a wedding, with gorgeous view for the guests to enjoy.

The whole day was a lovely celebration of friends and I can honestly say that laughter was a core part of this wedding. Even the parents’ friends were a riot – and I do have some photos to prove that! From the “Dim Daddies” dancing to Slim Shady and the random group shots with table decorations on their heads. I’m not even going to get into the photobooth….

All in all, it was one of those days where we walk away with our sides hurting a little from laughing, having been blessed by creating new relationships, and having celebrated the day with two dear friends.

Brittany & Allen, we look forward to many more laughs with you!

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