Jenny & Jim’s winter wedding – Kalamazoo wedding photographer

I know, I know, winter is over, right? At least we hope it is! Winter may be finally ending, but my blogging is still back in the days when it got started – and everyone deserves at least a quick blog post.

Jim & Jenny’s Kalamazoo wedding was our first to usher in the “cold” wedding season, and while it was a challenge to get us started, it was still that magical time when the first snow flakes coming down were special….anticipated, and exciting. Kind of like their wedding. Special, anticipated, and exciting.

It was a family filled day, from the 27 junior bridesmaids/flowergirls/ring bearers (just kidding, it wasn’t that many, but they found a way to incorporate all their nieces and nephews in the day, which was truly touching), to sisters giving emotional and tear-filled toasts at the reception.

Despite the chilly temps outside, it was a sunny ceremony, full of laughter and great advice for the couple. After the ceremony, we bundled up – and the bridesmaids bundled up in beautiful capes made by Jenny’s mother, and drove around downtown Kalamazoo for some photos, some fun, and to take them to Bell’s, where they had their first date.

While the wedding party took time to celebrate, we went off to the reception to get pictures of the beautiful wintry details and to see what fun they had in store for their guests. And fun it was! A photobooth, a balloon maker….I don’t need to go any further…but candy bar! For as many small guests as there were, Jim & Jenny really went above and beyond to make the evening entertaining for everyone.

I hope your marriage has been filled with as much laughter as your wedding day was….and that the tears you shed together are tears of joy….and that your happily ever after is already in full swing.

Much love from us – Dan & Lynell

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