Anthony and Jess – a Grand Rapids winter wedding

Last summer and into the early fall I had this amazing intern, Jessica. She was quiet, reserved, and such a hard worker that she inspired me to be better at what I do, and how I do it. When she got engaged (which she was quiet about), I casually asked about her wedding, and Dan and I offered to help her out by photographing it, just as she had helped us out during our busiest year.

She and Anthony met when they were working at the same summer camp….a little summer romance that turned into a lifetime love. Just as they are thoughtful and sweet – so was their ceremony. A celebration, worship, communion, and the joining of two lives. It was perfect, and this girl had a hard time not crying her way through it.

The weather….well, it was mid-December, and was full of fluffy white snowflakes, which meant we had to work hard and fast at photos before everyone froze or melted from the heavy snow. But boy-oh-boy was it beautiful.

Their reception was at the beautiful Cheney place, and was a breakfast-for-dinner reception, complete with a “cake” tower of the yummiest cinnamon rolls, yummy coffee, and mmmm, bacon.

In typical summer camp fashion, there were games & contests, singing and just a lot of fun between Anthony, Jess & their guests. What was NOT typical…..or maybe just not to us….was that quiet reserved Jess who worked for us. WHERE DID SHE GO? That shy young woman was a dancing machine, the life of the party, and FULL of merriment. I had to pull her aside and go “WHO ARE YOU?” 😉 It was so fun to see her letting lose and being the crazy girl that she is – – I appreciated the hard worker, but really, she could have broken out in at least ONE dance party in my office, since apparently, she had ALL the skills for it!!! (Just giving you a hard time, Jess.)

In all, it was a great way to wrap up our 2013 weddings – “brinner,” fun, and watching Jess as the bride! Anthony & Jess, we pray that your life continues to be filled with the joy you shared on that day – every day!

Love you to pieces.

Lynell, Dan & Ellie 😉

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