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There are so many adjectives I could use to describe this beautiful night, just over a week ago, but I’ll try to do it in a short(ish) story. A few weeks ago I blogged some lovely maternity photos of my dear friends Amy & Jeff, with the even bigger anticipation of knowing I would get to be a part of welcoming their precious son into the world.

For two weeks I regularly set my phone to a loud ring at night, waiting for that call/text to tell me it’s time. Waiting and waiting, and hoping that I wouldn’t sleep through it or miss it. On Tuesday, March 11, around 11:30 in the evening (just after I drifted off to sleep) came the text that things were starting, but no need to come yet. So needless to say, I didn’t really sleep much after that, so when the next text beeped at 1:56 am on the 12th, I didn’t even have to wipe the sleepies out of my eyes.

By 2:10 I was walking (skipping, giggling?) up the driveway, excited — but sure I would be spending more time waiting. Each step up the stairs to the bedroom was one full of jittery nervousness and joy. I was going to be a part of a life changing event, AND I would get to see what was in store for me a few months down the road (that part was a little freaky).

When Yolanda the midwife arrived, contractions were strong, close & regular, yet her calming presence and amazing knowledge of the process helped relax everyone and keep moving carefully towards the moment these two would become a family of three.

If you know Amy & Jeff well, you know just how precious their love for each other is, and Mayer’s birth really brought out the best in both of them. The parts of their personalities that make them work were just made larger, better, and stronger. And oh, so beautiful.

This being my first birth photography experience, I didn’t know what to expect…but I also was ready to be as hands-on as I needed to be. After all, I do have experience as “left leg holder.” I was honored to do that again….until that moment, oh that one moment when I could see Mayer, and knew life was happening. (I’m tearing up as I write this.) Nothing I have experienced was as beautiful as that moment when I KNEW Mayer had entered the world, and I waited the brief second before he made his presence known. And when he did…..joy.

In one breath, I watched two people fall deeper in love with each other, and head over heels in love with the tiniest little babe. I watched a family being born. Those first tender moments were magical….spiritual…and just utterly breath taking.

At 3:53 that morning, life simply just got better. Amy, Jeff & Mayer, I love your little family, and each day that goes by makes me happier that Mayer is here. He has, and will continue to enrich and bless your life beyond measure. (I also can’t wait for him to meet Eleanor, his soon to be BFF.)

Mayer Grey, welcome to our world. You are loved, adored, treasured — and every bit of it is so deserved. Thank you for being.

Amy & Jeff, thank you for having me be a part of your lives, especially this day — but also, every day.

Oh, and now for the pictures…..

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