{Sadie Bug – 1 yr} – Grand Rapids AUNTIE photographer

Let’s face it, some shoots are easier than others……and then there are some that are just more fun than others, because the subject is so precious.

Today was one of those. My sweet niece, Sadie, has turned 1, and Dan helped me build this beautiful hot air balloon prop for her…which she promptly decided to launch her self off of every time we tried to put her on it. Guess it’s going to be just for 6 month olds and younger now! No mobiles!

Anyhoo….Sadie is an absolute joy. She’s smiley, she’s happy, she is all around a fun baby to be with – of course, I don’t ever have to wake up with her at 6 am, so I think she’s pretty perfect…but I think her parents do too.

I could go on and on and on about this kid, but for now, I’ll just give you a sample of the loveliness I get to experience all the time!

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