Korytkowski Family – Grand Rapids family photographer

When Kari contacted me about her family photos, I must admit I was intrigued…..10 year old triplet girls, yes please!

First of all, I love the age of 10-15 in girls – the changing confidence, the development of individuality & personality, the “not yet woman not still little girl” phase. I think it’s beautiful, and capturing it and hopefully encouraging them to be confident young women is part of the “fun” for me.

Little did I know that the boys would also steal my heart, with their little “farty party” – (Well, Warner’s farty party.) That little “escape” made for a lot of giggles and laughs and a whole lot of fun for everyone who wasn’t downwind.

The early evening sun and a gorgeous location made for the perfect backdrop for this beautiful family. I could hardly stop clicking, “just one more.”

And thanks to Dan for coming to assist, which meant a lot of furniture carrying, backdrop holding, and even some surprise great photos shot while I was off doing something else!

K-Fam (it’s easier than to spell it out) – thanks for being so much fun!

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