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The year isn’t over, but this is the time to be thankful, right?

I’ve had some amazing clients this year, gone to some fabulous places, met new friends, endured some challenges which hopefully have left me smarter and stronger. As I sat in a condo at a waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells, I realize some of the most important things in my life have nothing to do with my work:

They are my family. They are the sounds of Sadie clucking (yes, she learned how to cluck this weekend) – my brother cuddling her (he really is a fabulous dad), a father who came through surgery well, a sister who is about to become a mother, another sister who had to say “see you soon” as her boyfriend deployed, and a mother who reminds us all in subtle ways we are loved.

I have fabulous friends, great clients, and a career I love. I also have a horrible habit of NOT blogging anything, so this one should be a doozy.

I can’t share everything in this post, but I want to share some of my favorite images, that make me grateful I get to do what I love. And I hope you love them too, but more importantly, that you find time to think about what you are thankful for this year.

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