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Part of the beauty of this being my blog, and my business, is if for some reason (and there are many) I didn’t blog regularly throughout last season, I can catch up how and when I want to.

It’s hard to say I have a favorite wedding of the year, when there are elements of each one that I just love. Of all my weddings, though, Tracy & Eric’s “party with a wedding in the middle” was the best at showing their guests that they were #1 in their lives. It was more like a gathering of good friends at a huge party than it was a wedding – so casual, comfortable, and such a great celebration. However, the wedding in the middle was beautiful, with a gorgeous bride, a very happy husband, and true to form, was set so that their guests surrounded them.

For Tracy, the Felt Mansion was perfect – as she is an an amazing home restoration (I’ll call her that) expert and lover of antiques.

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