{Chelsea & Rob} – engaged – Michigan wedding photographer

When I first met Chelsea, I got to hear the story of how she and Rob met….now, I get to hear a lot of stories, but not many of them involve the description “we used to be in preschool together.” Now before you think they have that relationship that spans 20+ years, it isn’t quite like that…but it still is sweet…and to hear the journey of life that brought them back together was so wonderful.

Even though Chelsea wouldn’t wear her Snooki costume for the engagement session, it was still fun, exploring new territory (for both of us), and driving down dirt roads that took us right to wear the paved roads would have! A little tramping through fields, a game of jenga (appropriate for the builder, Rob), and a lot of pretty love.

I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Chelsea & Rob, I’m so excited for your October wedding, and to play some more! 🙂

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