{Riese & Matt} – Saugatuck wedding photographer

I met Riese last September – she was the makeup artist for Megan’s wedding (Megan is the super awesome lead bride on my website – cage veil, gorgeous eyes, check her out while you are here). She did a fabulous job. Fabulous.

Fast forward to last week…I see “Riese Lauriat is engaged” on facebook. I think “Hmm, should I send her a message?”

I don’t.

Then this week Tuesday night, chatting on line with a friend of mine, he asks if I’m busy this Saturday, because this makeup artist he knows is getting married, and he’s not available to shoot her wedding. Tells me a little about her….it’s Riese! So I say quite enthusiastically I’d love to talk to her.

That night Riese and I chat it up and make plans. A lot of our talking was about makeup lines, favorite blushes (NARS orgasm, who doesn’t love it), and oh, her wedding this Saturday.

Typically I have a few months to gear up for a wedding…at least. This, days. But it was small, intimate, and Riese is totally kickin’ with style.

(Fast forward sound)

Saturday. Saugatuck. Chairs overlooking the channel. Quick ceremony and lots of love. Now, I said I typically have at least six months to get to know a couple before I find myself crying itty bitty tears. Yep, not this time. The way Matt looked at Riese would move a heart of stone. The love shared between so many people was apparent.

It was an honor to be a part of your day, Riese and Matt. Thank you.

– Lynell

PS Riese, thank you for choosing those shoes 😉

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