{Elsie} – One year – Grand Rapids child photographer

I first met Elsie before she was born. Well, I met her mother, had known her dad for a while, but then Elsie came along, and I got to meet the whole family.

Since then Elsie and I have had the opportunity to “play” together a few times….but this session, her 1 year, well, it was nothing sort of special. I thought “oh, pink balloons, that will be cute.” Oh, it’s cute alright. Unless you want to do a single shot without the balloons.

And for the record, distracting a one year old with tulips doesn’t work either. They try to eat them.

Back to balloons.

They were a blast. Her little face lighting up, the smiles, the excitement. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Little Elsie – happy 1 year! I look forward to celebrating with you for years to come! Balloons may be included!

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