[intro]I believe in the power of story, and your wedding day is no exception. The time, energy and excitement you put into planning your wedding is what I want to capture for you….the laughter, smiles and even the tears.[/intro]

For Michigan weddings, all packages begin at $2500 with unlimited time and locations. Contact me (email link) for specific package information and availability.

Travel & destination packages are available and eagerly offered!



[intro]Your family or child photo session should be as unique as your family. Careful planning of your location, style and budget will help determine the best outcome for your family photos. The more natural, the more it can reflect your life and style, the better the outcome will be. [/intro]

Lizzie Photo family sessions start at $150, which includes a $50 print credit. Print prices are all a la carte, allowing you the flexibility to choose only what you want or need for your home and family.



I’ve been fortunate to travel the world, where I have experienced great challenges, seen fabulous art & architecture, and met some amazing people.

I have tasted fabulous food, avoided bad drinking water. I have walked in gilded hallways and down streets with VERY public restrooms.

This collection is a showcase of just a few of my favorite photos from my travels, and from the things in my life that are a part of my inspiration as a photographer.