Tina & Dan’s “Murphect” Meadowbrook Wedding

Tina….oh, I know you have been waiting for this blog post, and I hope….I hope it does not disappoint.

We finally met you when I waddled up to a table to introduce myself at Bell’s in Kalamazoo, and after talking for a short time, I knew I liked you and would be excited to be a part of your wedding day.

Then came your wedding day……well, rehearsal dinner day. I witnessed a beautiful ceremony and a marriage being founded in faith. I liked you more. And that Dan guy, well, he was pretty Murphect.

Saturday comes, and the flurry of hair, makeup, purple track shoes to match your purple robe, tasty color-coordinated treats…..I knew I enjoyed your color palette.

The veil that went on for hours and hours….le sigh.
The dress that was classic and gorgeous….details to dream of.
The floral that was as unique as you are…..perfect.

But then that ceremony came, and I heard words pour from your and Dan’s hearts, and I saw you weren’t just someone to be liked – – you were someone to be loved.

And I saw that all night long – in so many ways. I saw the way your friends loved you, and how they all spoke of you and Dan was something truly well, honoring. That’s the best way I can think to say it. Your friends honored you. Not with their presence, not with just standing beside you as you spoke your vows, but they honored you with their words. Every story told about both of you, every word uttered about you just made me LIKE. YOU. MORE. (I promise, this really isn’t creepy.)

Being a part of your wedding wasn’t just about taking some beautiful pictures….which we did do. It was about seeing the lives of two great people come together. It’s no wonder you liked each other. It’s beautiful that you learned to love each other. I heard why, over and over.

So I could write about how Meadowbrook was the perfect setting for a beautiful summmer wedding. I could gush on and on about your floral selection, ooh and ahh over your veil, but I felt like the most fitting thing was to gush over you and Dan. Being a part of your day was special because you two are special….and we are so glad you found each other.

Keep liking, and keep loving each other. You do it so well.

All our love….

Lynell, Dan (and Ellie!)

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