Jettie & David’s Rockin’ Rockford Wedding

It was a lovely summer day…..and a beautiful woman with an infectious smile was waiting for the man who made her heart smile to join her under the trees, surrounded by loved ones and to say I do.

To those of us who know Jettie, its to know someone who is ALWAYS smiling…..and lighting up the world around her. The day of her marriage to David was definitely no exception. So. Many. Smiles.

This was my first wedding in a while without Dan, and I missed him and our little Ellie, but I really felt like knowing it was me forced me to pay attention to details better….to little looks….to moments, and to those things that really tell the story of a wedding day. (I also noticed how heavy my gear was.)

There were so many little lovely details in this day……the beautiful wildflower bouquets….the hands held in prayer…the friends greeting each other….the littlest guests of the day…and so much more.

The sun was shining and glorious, and the message given as they spoke their vows was equally glorious. It was one of those ceremonies where you just sit back and say “Yes. Yes, THIS is what it is all about.”

Their reception in Rockford was also what it was all about…celebration with friends. There were heartfelt toasts, tasty tacos, a fun photobooth, lots of lovely details (including TATTOOS!!!) and most of all….love.

I hope that as they dance and laugh their way through life — which they will — that they do not forget the message of their marriage ceremony, and the love they felt from everyone there on that amazing day.

Congrats David & Jettie!

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