{Joslyn} – West Michigan Senior Photographer

Often when I plan my senior photo sessions out, I have the opportunity to sit down, meet my client, go through wardrobe/style, and be fully prepared….sometimes, it’s on the fly (though I did have a good descriptor for this one)….and no amount of planning and preparation could have made it as great as it actually was.

That’s Joslyn’s session. Not as much planning, no clothing review session, and 100% amazing.

She’s energetic, sweet, adorable, a little sassy, and totally the type of client I love. Even when I said “we’re going to put up a lace tent in a drainage ditch” (because that’s pretty much what it was) she was game.

I loved every minute of this session, and I hope Joslyn and her mother can wade through all the amazing images we have to share!!

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