The Preparation – Michigan Wedding photography

As I prepare for the start of my wedding season, which sadly starts later this year, so no new lovely brides to show off…yet…

But as we are all planning and scheming and dreaming together (yes, I get in on some of this fun), I am thinking back to all the lovely moments I’ve shared with past brides as they prepare for that moment when they say I do.

There’s nothing like the way a bride looks on her wedding day. Now, a lot of work goes into that – makeup artists, hair, the perfect dress – but it’s the glow, it’s the happiness, and sometimes, it’s even the stress from planning melting away as everything goes according to schedules and dreams.

Part of the storytelling feature of photography is being there to capture those priceless memories, the little looks in the mirror, the transformation from sleepy beauty to radiant beauty. It’s also the looks on friends & sister’s faces as they watch their loved one prepare to be married. It’s precious.

So to celebrate weddings past, and to anticipate weddings forward, here’s a little gallery of wedding day loveliness.

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