Meeting Sienna – Grand Rapids not so newborn photographer

So Sienna is a smart girl. She realized she has super awesome parents, and she decided she didn’t want to wait to meet them….so a good six weeks before she was due to arrive, she packed her bags and said “hey world, here I am.”

I finally got to meet her, because as excited as she was to meet Mom & Dad, she needed a little more time to grow up and become more confident before venturing in to the wide world of newborn modeling.

But for her first session, she rocked it out. She behaved like a little lady, she took a nap when we wanted, she was happy, and she spent some time showing me just how much she loves her mommy & daddy.

She also was kind enough to model a couple of my bonnets (you can find more at my etsy store, Reclaiming June). The pink one she’s wearing was designed just for her….made for her….and phew, we got it to her while it still fit!

Anyhoo, Sienna, you are precious. Thanks for arriving in this world and making it better for all of us!

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