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So many of you know Dan & I are getting ready to “tie the knot,” and I can’t even count the number of people who have asked some specific details. Sharing who some of my key vendors are is a big deal to me. They are a big part of the flavor, the texture, and the mood of what we are doing. While I know you’d like some other details, here are a few fun ones!

We honestly have the most fabulous vendors available, and each of them is fitting in to what my dream wedding looks like – one surrounded with loving friends & family – and I consider them to be both. (Sorry, Dan, this page is all mine to write.)

Let’s start with the most obvious question. Who is going to photograph YOUR wedding?

The one, the only, Amy Carroll. I know a bajillion photographers, and I am friends with many, but I’ve known for years that when I say I do, I want Amy there. She is gracious, she is possibly the kindest person I know, and it’s not just her incredible skill that made me want her above all others. She is my mentor, my studio partner, my “wanna-be-like-her”-er, and most importantly, my friend. If you don’t know of her work, flip over the rock you’ve been living under, and click here:

Second most obvious question. How in the WORLD are you pulling it together in 3 months?

Obvious answer: Dee Mitchell at Elements of Elegance. Certified Awesomeness in a combination of wedding planner, florist and dear friend. One of the first weddings I ever photographed was with Dee, five years ago, and I’ve adored her since the day I met her. I’ve since done a number of weddings with her, emptied a few bottles of wine, cried a few good cries, laughed over silly things, and there’s no one else who should be dealing with my questions of “Umm, how do I do this?” One of the things I’m MOST excited about is being surprised by the amazing creation of floral work I expect to see – because I know that Dee’s work is over the top beautiful. Not only is she the best planner, she’s my favorite florist. Favorite. I can’t wait to be surprised. If you’re planning a wedding (and beating your head on the table at the sheer magnitude of it all), you should call Dee. If you aren’t beating your head, you should stil call Dee.

Maybe not so obvious, but equally important. Chow.

I love good food. I love sharing that good food with people. Shortly after Dan & I started dating, we went for dinner with good friends to this little kind-of-off-the-beaten-path Italian restaurant, Amore Trattoria Italiana. Having been to Italy a few times, I have to say – authentic, amazing and leaves you the way any good Italian restaurant should….full and happy. At that dinner, we met Jenna, the owner/head chef, and developed a bit of a crush. 😉 Since then, I’ve had the fun of photographing her family, becoming friends, and we’ve had dinner there a few times, each time leaving fatter & happier than the time before (maybe not fatter, but you get my point). At our engagement dinner – at which Jenna SPOILED us – we chatted about wedding catering. I wanted amazing food, and something a little different than the average. That’s what we are getting – and so much more!!! Call, make a reservation, and consider it a test for what you will experience on our wedding day!

Fresh faced. The lovely Mrs. Allison Bower.

I’ve worked with Allison so many times it’s just not enough. Her work is top notch, and when I recommend makeup artists, Allison is the first name I speak. She’s done my makeup many times, and this day, I’m excited to have her help me look my best, AND give me waterproof mascara, because I WILL be a blubbering fool. I can’t state enough the importance of professional makeup – if you are hemming and hawing about it for your wedding day, stop. Go to this website:, and make your appointment with Allison. If you’re wanting to look your best, she’ll be there!


Earlier this year I got the pleasure of getting to know a sweet, sweet woman, Kacie, who has become a friend, and I know will continue to become a better and better friend over the years. We MAY have bonded over some bling while our men bond over beer, but what can I say, we’re girls! Kacie has this FABULOUS collection of vintage jewelry (my engagement ring is from her collection!!!) that she both sells AND rents. We worked together on a project, which is now becoming a reality, and I’m happy to say my jewelry will be from Calvara, a site (hers) where you can rent these pretties for your own wedding day. Each piece is unique, full of character, and I can’t WAIT to be wearing some of her pretties!

Seriously, this is longer than my wedding party “about” page, and I’m not quite done yet!

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