{Lindsey & Hernan} – married! Grand Rapids wedding photographer

Lindsey & Hernan, aka moomoo (long story), are hilarious. Laughter spills out everywhere….and it was probably the most I’ve ever laughed doing family photos.

They had a lovely wedding in Mexico a while ago, which was slightly hampered by rain – I heard salads blew off the tables. So it was only fitting that the day they chose to celebrate their marriage in Michigan was the ONE DAY IT RAINED THE WHOLE DAY….ALL YEAR. And you know what Lindsey did? She laughed it off. After all, what can you do? We managed to pile the family on a covered porch, and thanks to the help of some VERY kind uncles, I was able to stand on a chair (they sweetly volunteered to hold my legs), and keep the rain from dripping down my dress (again, sweetly volunteered to shield me), and get some family pictures….because for Lindsey, the gathering of her friends and family was the most important to her.

And while I did drag them outside at Centennial Country Club for a few quick shots when it let up enough we wouldn’t drown, we had to put off the formal photos for a day with a little more sun, or at least a lot less rain.

Rain, rain and more rain, however, didn’t dampen their spirits. They danced & laughed the night away, and truly showed their happiness with each other, and the joy they felt celebrating with their families.

Lindsey & Hernan….a sunny day, someday soon, is all ours.

For now…enjoy this little preview!

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