Change is inevitable. That much is true. Last time I updated this page, I announced that my new husband was joining me as my full-time second shooter. Since that announcement we have added a sweet baby (who is now a toddler!) and a puppy to the mix, as well as a new amazing job for him in the craft beer industry.

I still am the primary L in Lizzie Photo, and Dan still shoots with me, but on a case-by-case basis (and that isn’t JUST beer cases!). We are more selective in the work we take, but still enjoy every chance we get to share in the moments of your life.

Are we still fun? Yes. (But we are more tired some days…a toddler will do that to you!)
Are we still creative? Yes.
Do we still always strive to be the best at what we do? Yes.

Together we bring two perspectives, two life experiences, one love for each other and one goal – to share our love of photography with you. While he stalks birds and beers (see thebeertruck.com) and is available for limited events, I still focus on the people (individuals, families and seniors). Together we our primary team for weddings, making sure our clients have maximum coverage for their special days! When Dan isn’t available, I have amazing friends and colleagues with whom I love to work.

To learn more about us, schedule a session, or see if we are available for your wedding, please fill out the contact form. We would love to hear from you!

– Lynell, Dan and Eleanor

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  1. Hi Lizzie
    My name is Eddie We shot Kim’s Alban 6-1-13 Wedding I need few photo to use for the video. where can I see the photos?
    Thanks Eddie

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