Kristen and Sean – Fox Hills wedding

One thing we love about weddings is the people it brings into our lives. We met Kristen & Sean a little less than a year ago after shooting Kim & Eric’s wedding, and I have to thank Kim & Eric for bringing a wonderful couple into our lives & on our calendar for their Fox Hills wedding on May 10.

The day started out so relaxed, and Dan and I had plenty of time to scope out this beautiful venue for locations for their photos, while Kristen & Sean got ready at a perfect pace for their wedding day. You see, some days are a total rush and about everything you have to “do,” and to see a DIY bride so relaxed, and enjoying putting her own wedding details together was a real treasure.

The boys and girls were separated until Kristen was ready to walk down that aisle, so we had the pleasure of spending time with them & their attendants individually before the wedding began. Fun times…..but when we got them together, even MORE fun! What a great, energetic, friendly group of people.

It was a good day.

The sun was shining perfectly over their ceremony, as guests got to hear very heartfelt and super sweet vows and a promise to love each other always. We got to roam around in golf carts afterwards, and enjoy the lovely golf course (though strangely enough, there were very few golfers out on this beautiful day – – which was great news for us).

After some time with just Kristen & Sean, we went off to their lovely reception at the Fox Classic, which had this lovely cabin charm to it, which Kristen complemented so well with her favors (succulents!) and decoration choices. It was pretty, classic, and from what we could tell, everyone was enjoying themselves!

I wish you could have seen it all….but since you weren’t, these lovely pictures and memories of their special day will have to do!

Kristen & Sean – thank you for having us be a part of your day, and a part of starting your new life as husband & wife!

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