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What seems like just a few weeks ago I posted a little blog about Beth and Ernie. This past weekend, May 18th, marked their beautiful southern Michigan wedding – full of laughter, friends, fun, and tricks on how to make your chin look beter in photos. 🙂

First of all, I have to say I’ve adored Beth since I met her, and meeting her friends only solidified my belief that she is just the sweetest person. Her friends love her truly & deeply, and well, Ernie adores her. As Izzy said (Ernie’s daughter) when she saw Beth for the first time, “My dad is going to LOVE YOU.” She’s right. He is.

From a surprise tuxedo, to constantly being concerned that she was having the best day EVER, it was clear he wanted to show Beth he was not just marrying her, he wanted to lavish her with love. Oh, I love love love seeing that stuff.

Dan and I rolled up late morning to the most AMAZEBALLS location – her sister Cari’s house – a beautiful old farm house, huge landscaped yard, and gasp, a POND IN THE BACK!!! Oh, and did I mention it was full of lovely little antiques? It was a photographer’s paradise. Well, this photographer’s idea of a paradise.

Because of a few minor delays, and just wanting to enjoy where we were, we changed a lot of plans to make the day go smoothly, and to do the first look on this beautiful property. After a few sweet moments together, our bride & groom met up with their wedding party to begin their celebrations.

From there we headed down to their wedding ceremony, at the First Presbyterian church of Three Rivers, a beautiful site for a beautiful ceremony.

AFter a lot of smiles, some tears, we packed up and headed back to the beautiful property where a lovely outdoor reception was set up. Between the pond, the sweet wildflowers in hand-decorated vases all over the tables, and glittery eggs (Yay, glitter!) that announced when your table went to eat, and oh oh oh, the cupcakes. Oh, were those tasty. And gluten-free, so it was ok to eat more than one, right???

The whole day was just so filled with love. Their friendships are strong (and their friends are GREAT), their families are adorable (Beth’s dad….well, if you were there, you know).

All in all, it was an amazing way to kick of 2013’s official wedding season. I can only hope the rest are nearly as good as this one was!

Beth, Ernie & Izzy – we loved being a part of your day, and wish you a lifetime of love & magic (and rainbows, and glitter, and unicorn and princesses….)

I know you want to have another wedding & reception today, Beth, so maybe this will do for you (click the image or the link below for a whole lot of fun!).


To view more of their images check out their preview gallery here:

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